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Water - for Healthy Weight Loss

Are You Interested in Healthy Weight Loss?

An abundant daily intake of pure‚ healthy water is absolutely essential for healthy weight loss. A healthy increase in clean water will enhance nutrient absorption‚ the hydration of your skin, weight loss, detoxification and every healthy and necessary function of your body.

Drinking clean, uncontaminated water is the most essential action you can take every day to keep your body healthy inside and out. What is not as well known is that it is also absolutely essential for healthy, sustained weight loss. Here’s why:

Fat Metabolism

Healthy weight loss, meaning the loss of unnecessary fat rather than the loss of healthy muscle tissue, results when our liver converts stored fat into usable energy. Our liver’s ability to metabolize fat and actually shed excess fat is directly related to the amount – and quality – of the water we drink every day. Without enough water, the liver is not able to perform this function. And to be very clear, if the liver is not able to perform this function, no amount of exercise to burn calories or reduction of calories consumed will result in fat loss. Not only is water necessary for the liver to function at all, but increasing the amount of clean, healthy water we drink can accelerate the process of fat metabolism significantly.


An increase in water intake will also naturally suppress the appetite and aid in digestion and assimilation of nutrients. When not enough water is consumed, the large and small intestines are impaired in their ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients. Even if a person is eating healthy, nutrient rich foods, their body will not be getting the full benefit of those nutrients if they cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. And since food cravings are often a result of nutrient deficiencies, this can also create a further obstacle to sustained and healthy weight loss.

Metabolism and Detoxification

Just as an increase in intake of clean water will naturally accelerate fat metabolism and decrease appetite, it will just as naturally speed up the body’s overall metabolism. Each and every function of the body, at the cellular level, requires an abundant intake of water. The more water available, within reason, the more quickly and efficiently the body can perform all of its millions of processes. Most specifically, detoxification or the removal of waste from the body’s tissues requires a regular and abundant supply of clean, uncontaminated water. It must be understood that each and every cell of the body produces cellular waste. This waste must be removed regularly and efficiently to prevent toxic build up in the tissue. Without an abundant supply of water, cellular waste builds up in the tissue, creating a toxic and unhealthy environment for the cells, and also impairing their ability to absorb nutrients from the bloodstream. This can be another cause of chronic nutrient deficiency and the nagging food cravings which result from it.

Clean Water

Why is it necessary that the water you drink be free of contaminants? Our bodies do have considerable ability to filter toxins and contaminants out of water, but this water filter process is primarily performed by the liver. The more we use the liver as a water filter to filter chlorine, lead and other contaminants out of the water we drink, the less time it can put into converting excess body fat into energy. So the cleaner and healthier the water we drink, the more we are supporting our liver to perform the fat metabolizing we need for healthy and sustained weight loss. Bottled water varies widely in quality, and is often no more free of contaminants than tap water. A quality home water filter is the best way to provide clean, quality water to your body.

How Much Water?

How much water is necessary? There are varying opinions on this subject. Many recommend six to eight glasses of water a day. Common sense suggests that there is no single amount of water that is right for all people under all circumstances. Surely a 250 pound 6’3" person in 100 degree temperatures needs more water then a 140 pound person of 5’2" in a more temperate 70 degree environment. Fortunately, common sense also suggests an easy and reliable "rule of thumb" for gauging your water intake that will adjust for changes in season, temperature and even exercise level. Quite simply, the amount of color in the urine our bodies produce is, in most cases, an accurate way to judge if we are drinking enough water. Unless there is reason to suspect some condition which would affect the color of urine, such as jaundice, simply noticing the color of urine and adjusting water intake accordingly is an excellent way to make sure to get the right amount of water. If the urine is very dark, your body clearly needs more water. Increase the amount of clean, filtered water you drink over a period of several days until the urine is consistently very light in color. In almost all circumstances, this is a good indication that you are giving your body the amount of water it needs, and you will be well on your way to healthy weight loss.

Water is the Key

For fat metabolism, appetite suppression, improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients and overall metabolism, an abundant supply of clean, healthy water every day is absolutely essential for safe, effective and sustained weight loss.

This article is presented by Ann Hession, owner of Great Water Now. Great Water Now is dedicated to providing quality information about water and health and promoting the use of home water filters for health and longevity.

By Ann Hession


Margaret on April 2, 2009 at 10:51 PM said...

Water truly functions a lot of things to make one self healthy. This is good to those people and athlete who wants to lose weight. Supplement water also do the same as the usual water we take every day. It revitalize and give us more energy so we can focus to our work. Anyway Thank you for this wonderful post and I hope to see more of your work.

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